I'm getting pretty close to finishing first draft of Risen from the Dead. So far I'm at 82300 words, but that may change. I suspect that more may be added but some subtracted during editing. I tend to cut descriptions and scenes short in writing because I have the images in my head, but need to flesh them out for the readers. Tall Grass editing co op helps with that. It's a great group.

I'm still formulating what happens at the end of Risen from the Dead. I need it to tie into The Envoy, and the Prophet is the character that is central, along with Ron Carson. Those two characters are in both series. The ending also leaves room for more Nick and Kiki stories.

My friend Alexis Powers has decided to write her TRUE memoir. The one she wrote years ago was a PG rated bit of fluff, while her life has been R or even X rated. SO, I'm going to help her write the Juicy scenes. I'm really looking forward to that. She's exceptionally fun to be around. Her stories of her past are definitely R rated, and contain adventures (that a literary word for indulgences that you'll have to read the book to learn about. I'll have to seek assistance from Robyn Lester to give these scenes the proper feminine slant. This is going to be a blast.

Risen from the Dead just got a little longer. I've a new ending that is quite different from the old one and requires me to add a few chapters. It will put a new slant on the Prophet and the Director. I'm still struggling with getting Penelope the Pooting Spider out. In fairness, it was my error. i WANT THAT BOOK OFF MY WORK SPACE! 

I've been pondering the tie-in between the Dead series and the Evolution River series. Last night about 2 am I think I have it, and characters will change. Still working out the details, but the frame is there. It will leave the door open for more adventures of Nick and Kiki. The tie-in happens in the transition in time between the end of Sea Species and the beginning of The Envoy.

Meanwhile, I resubmitted the epub file of Penelope because Kobo claimed the fonts weren't embedded properly.

I'm waiting for normal to return after the holidays. Hasn't happened yet. Meanwhile, I'm pushing myself to keep writing on Risen from the Dead. The book has 90 chapters so far and about 300 pages, so I am getting close. Your responses tell me that the adventures of Nick and Kiki should go on, so I'm putting together another tale, which means I need to tailor the ending of Risen from the Dead (She won't be killed off) and create the setting for more. I really don't like series where there are miraculous appearances of protagonists. It's too contrived.

I do keep revisiting the Evolution River Series in my mind. I'm reading Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler, and the thoughts about God are parallel to those in my series in a lot of ways. It is amazing to me how close, actually. The dystopian society she creates is scary real. 

The struggle with getting the e-book version of Penelope the Pooting Spider out continues. Now there seems to be a problem with the not correctly embedded fonts in the epub file. UGH! This is the project that will never finish.

Thanks you for the feedback re Kiki and Nick. I'm still pondering whether to keep up the series and I'm formulating ideas on the next story. BUT I do have another series I'd like to get started on. So, we'll see. Keep the comments coming.

Holidays are over! Wish all of you a great 2019. I got a bit of writing done during the break, so I reckon I'm more than 3/4 of the way through. The question in my mind is if I continue the series and more adventures of Nick and Kiki. We'll see. Your input is welcome. Either email or respond on twitter or Facebook.

My Christmas present was a box of Penelope the Pooting Spider books. I've been giving them away, but I need to sell some to recoup costs. I'd like to get into the TUcson Festival of Books. Think I'd sell quite a few there. We'll see.

Happy New Year. I hope all your 2019 days are good.

Penelope the Pooting Spider, my first children's book was accepted finally for print. It will be a week before it is available as a print version, though I'm hoping the e-book will come out sooner. It has been an ordeal, but I'm glad to have it out. Steve and I will be working on promotion for it as a team. (Thank you Steve.) Meanwhile, I'm nearing the end of Risen from the Dead. How it is received will be quite the question. In it I take on a lot of issues, including organized religion, God, and the Military Industrial Complex as vital to America's economy. There may be a knock on my door.

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