Got my first round of edits from my editor. I'll ber going throught em. Christmas is still a possibility for the release of DeadSpace.

I am nearly done with the 2nd rewrites on Dead Space . Ready for beta readers then editor.

I watched a program on AI that went into the military uses. SOOOO of course Dead Space is changing again. Much more detail with AI. It is scary what the incorporation into the military will do. No matter what laws or agreements are made, I will come to pass. Reminds me of the movie Terminator. No, humans don't go to war with AI, as such, but it there.

I'm 200 pages into Dead Space and it keeps changing. Since my edit group finished with DeadWare I'm going to have to go over what I have written in Dead Space to edit before I read.  That will slow the page production count down. I'm having a lot of fun with this book. With AI as a major character, it's becoming interesting.

Can't get my latest blog to the topp of the page. Take a look below.

DeadWare: A brief Summation

 Private businesses contract The Fantasmas to stop cybercrime, now a major cost of doing 
business. Only government agencies get government cybercrime protection. 

In Saint Petersburg, Russia, independent hackers are attacked in brutal murders and kidnappings. A meeting of the major hackers and Russian cybercrime bosses is called to handle the problem. 

The Fantasmas blow up and kill everyone at the meeting. Saint Petersburg Police Detective Daniel Novikov investigates. Concerned about the spread of attacks against the cyber community, Moscow sends detectives to assist. 

Novikov joins the detectives in Moscow trying to put names with the faces he has obtained on CCTV. 

Learning the Moscow location of the Fantasmas, the security forces from the Cyber Command Center mount an attack, but it is a trap and a diversion. The attack is against the Cyber Command Center. Novikov realizes this and races back to the Cyber Command Center. As he 
arrives, he is shot by sniper Kiki protecting the team who has planted an EMP and poison gas to kill the operators and contaminate the center. In a harrowing escape, the remaining members of Fantasmas return to the US. 

Former president Ron Carson chairs a United Nations conference to establish international laws regarding cybercrime to prevent the electronic warfare from becoming kinetic–a shooting war. Novikov attends seeking proof the United States was behind the attacks in Russia. 

Russia sends teams to attack the NSA headquarters in the US. Kiki and the Fantasmas set up an ambush. Nick interrogates the captured raiders. Another team successfully attacks the NSA headquarters, though their team is lost. 

The cybercrime meetings are halted when the Israeli Cyber center is destroyed by stealth drones. Predictably, the Israeli air force attacks Iran, who has laid an ambush. In Syria, Arab forces mass near the Golan. Israel strikes first, but Arab forces have created a killing box using modern Russian tactics and equipment. 

Advisor to the president, Ron Carson brokers a ceasefire, but Israel must relinquish the occupied lands. United Nations troops are stationed in Israel to ensure the peace holds. Both the Arabs and the Israelis begin to dislike the UN more than each other. 

In his move to create a stronger world government, Ron Carson’s message is that squabbles, no matter how ancient, will not be allowed to foment war.

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