So far, the cover with Kiki is the favorite. We may tweak it a little, but it will probably be the new cover. I'm still hopeful that the book will be out in Sept. There will be flourishes and a band playing.

Dead Prey is almost complete, help us choose the latest cover

Meet Kiki: Click for a larger version

Meet Kiki: Click for a larger version

The Results Are In

Introducing Kiki and the new cover of Dead Prey: The New Order

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I just finished the second edit of Dead Prey. With the help of Alexis Powers and her editing pencil, I probably only have 3 or 4 more to go before my other editor sees it. I am moving along.

I had to change the name of one of the cartels in my new book. If Los Zetas took offense, I'd be gone. Writing scared is new for me.

Nearly finished with second edit. Yes, it is better. I have Alexis Powers doing a third edit. It always helps to have another set of eyes looking. August still looking good.

I'm into the second edit. I'm focusing on one character to give him a unique voice. Alexis continues to help me with editing. Thank you Lexi.

I finished the first edit on Dead Prey.  more edits to come. I'm actually enjoying this. I did get some help on my first 2 chapters from Alexis Powers. Thanks. Steve is working on the cover now.

I'm starting the climax scene in Dead Prey. The sequestration has improved my productivity. Should have the first draft done by the end of June. It's taken some twists not imagined when I started writing it. But that's what usually happens. Makes writing fun.

I use a Netti pot to clear my sinuses then lay down with a heating pad over my face and a zinc lozenge in my mouth. Deep breathing bring the heated air into your lungs. Viruses doesn't like that. This works really well with colds. Should work with COVID 19.

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