It has finally arrived


DeadSpace is OUT! I received confirmation my order has shipped. I am so excited to have this done. I will continue with the Tao of OPS.

Got my first round of edits from my editor. I'll ber going throught em. Christmas is still a possibility for the release of DeadSpace.

I am nearly done with the 2nd rewrites on Dead Space . Ready for beta readers then editor.

I watched a program on AI that went into the military uses. SOOOO of course Dead Space is changing again. Much more detail with AI. It is scary what the incorporation into the military will do. No matter what laws or agreements are made, I will come to pass. Reminds me of the movie Terminator. No, humans don't go to war with AI, as such, but it there.

I'm 200 pages into Dead Space and it keeps changing. Since my edit group finished with DeadWare I'm going to have to go over what I have written in Dead Space to edit before I read.  That will slow the page production count down. I'm having a lot of fun with this book. With AI as a major character, it's becoming interesting.

DeadWare: A brief Summation

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