I've been writing away on Dead Ware. About 320 pages. I have two plots going that will come together. One ending I have sorta. The other I'm a little torn about. I have created an antagonist I like, but he is an enemy to Kiki. What do I do? I'm letting it roll around in my head for a while to figure it out, so may not have first draft done by end of the month. Will try harder!

My editing co op has shrunk. I need this kind of input in my writing. In my experience (nearly 15 years) it is impossible to edit your own work. Input from others makes a much better product. So if you're a writer or want to be a writer,  and are interested in joining a co op, let me know at rlclayton10@gmail.com For subject use co op so it doesn't go into the delete file. Meanwhile, I continue to move ahead on Dead Ware. Maybe draft done by end of the month. Steve & I are working on some promotions like FREE BOOKS! and tee shirts. Stay tuned.

I am blasting ahead with Dead Ware. Spent some time in Buffalo with my daughter's family and got a lot of pages done. I feel like I'm about 2/3 through. Hope to have first draft in August and final edited version end of Sept or so.

Yesterday I was a little lost as to where part of Dead Ware was going. At 3:30 this morning I put it together. Soooo blasting ahead with writing. Met some people from Ukraine today. Really nice couple. Hope they buy my books.

I'm moving along well with DeadWare, the next Kiki and Nick adventure. Probably 1/2 or more through. Already killed off a couple of my heroes. You'll have to read it to see who. At rate I'm cranking pages, may go to editor in July  or August. Website sales are available. Cheaper than Amazon. Those are really not my favorite people after they raised the price of my books to levels I wouldn't buy. I don't get any more $s though. Really ticked me off. Steve & I are working with Michael Evan on a promotion plan. Hope he comes through.

I'm writing like crazy on Dead Ware, the next Kiki and Nick adventure. First section takes place in Russia, so it involves research. Interesting stuff

DEad but Not Gone is out. To you in Columbus, Ohio, if you're not a hacker, welcome.

After a stumble (my fault), Dead but Not Gone should be out in print version. I do have some copies where the print runs off the page on two pages that I'm wi9lling to give away. Let me know. So far, reviews are good. I'm working away on Dead Ware, the next Kiki and Nick adventure. As with all my previous Dad books, it's relative to a topic of the day. See if you can guess.

GREAT NEWS! Dead But Not Gone should be available. I believe the ebooks is, (not sure as IngramSpark ends up with delays sometimes. I believe that the print version is out, as I've ordered a copy. It's not here yet. The best news is that after what Amazon did to me with Dead & Dead For Real. Steve and I are selling directly from this website. Amazon raised the price of the book to $48.99. I WOULDN'T PAY $48.99 FOR ANY BOOK (though I did when I was in college.) Sadly, my royalty does not go up, and I haven't seen many checks from them, so we going to make everything avail directly.

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