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Dead & Dead For Real


Chapter 3 


Once you have your book formatted such that you think it’s correct, follow the submission guidelines. They will come back with “Submission Error” comments. In my case, it was the embedded fonts that took my slow brain a while to understand. Steve Linebaugh, my webmaster and guru, was the one who figured it out. It was at this point I realized that no matter how independent I wanted to be, it would take a team to get it done. Publishing houses have teams that take on various aspects of putting a book out. Me, I want to write, so Steve does the things I don’t want to learn about. He’s not cheap, but if I figure in the amount of time it would take me to learn and do things correctly, (Not to mention the frustration factor) it’s money well spent. 

During the submission process, a number of blanks have to be filled in. Before beginning, there are several things that should be done. I would suggest that you have your short and long description ready so you just have to paste it in. Format the page size to one of their SUBMISSION standards. BE SURE TO CHECK WHAT CHANGING THE PAGE SIZE HAS DONE TO YOUR CAREFULLY FORMATTED BOOK. Have the word and page count ready. Pick book type. Thinner books can be stapled, thicker ones are bonded. Pick paper color. White can be glaring unless there are a lot of illustrations. Cream is more normal. You may have to add blank pages to come out with an even number. You may need an ISBN number. Some printer/distribution houses offer to sell them. To buy your own, go to Bowker (A search online will turn up the site.) to buy those. When I moved my books from Create Space to IngramSpark, I needed eighteen ISBNs. Each media form requires a new number. (Nine books in print and nine ebook.) It was actually cheaper for me to buy 100 numbers than two blocks of ten. So, I’m now a publisher with about eighty ISBNs. If I do audio books, I’m ready. 

The publisher will have a book price section with a calculator to tell you your royalty amount. The price is a balance between what you think you can get and what covers your time and costs. 

Look at published books to see how the prologue, blurbs, acknowledgements, copyright notifications and statement and ISBN are handled. 

You can now add these information pages to your book. During the submission process you will enter your ISBN numbers. There should be a blank space on the back cover of the book for your bar code and ISBN. Steve takes care of this for me. Thanks. 

Convert the file to PDF. Word has a conversion function. I use the one under the print menu. Go through the book again as a PDF. Sometimes that conversion changes pages and breaks and page count. I usually have to change the Word file several times before I like the PDF version. During the conversion, there will be a box to embed fonts. One option may be to embed only the fonts in that book. Click that or your file will include all the fonts available and GROW VERY LARGE. 

Covers are generally submitted as separate files which may have to be JPG. 

Once you submit, the printer will go through it. If there are problems, they will let you know. The proof copy is the signal they have accepted your submission. GO THROUGH THE PROOF. IT’S YOUR LAST CHANCE TO CHANGE THINGS WITHOUT COST. Look at page setting to see that margins and gutter look right. Look to see if there are blank pages that weren’t in the submission. Check to see that line spacing is correct. Minimize pages with only one or two sentences on them (You may have to do some rewriting). Check headers, footers and spacing. Check page numbers to see that they start and end correctly. Page 1 should be on the right side (Left facing page should be a blank) with the start with chapter 1. Title page, prologue and the other informational pages should not be numbered. If you have a bio at the end, it should not be numbered. The Print on Demand companies I’ve work with do not put information on the inside of the cover. Bio will be another section on additional pages. Some printer/distributors require a blank page as the last page facing the inside cover. Add that. 

Check to see that the cover is as you want it, pay attention to the spine. 

When everything is finalized, get it copyrighted. It’s another site that has to have things done their way. (They don’t like Google Chrome. GO figure. Maybe they do by now.) You will have to set up an account as per their rules. will get you to the electronic submission site. Once you get through that submission, you’ll pay for the copyright. It’s not really expensive. Last time I did it the cost was $35. Request a confirmation. It looks neat on your wall. 

So, there’s things I’ve forgotten and will have to relearn with the next book submission. If I did this constantly it would be a breeze. Once or twice a year after many sleeps, UGH!

As you can see, it's a new look for the website. Steve & I combined and rlclaytonbooks into one site. You're supposed to be able to get there with either domain name. We'll see.  The transition from Hostbaby to Bandzoogle has been a trial because I'm your basic user and know almost nothing else. Let me know what you think about the new look.

The REAL Christmas Story 

For those of you who haven't read it. here's Joseph's side of the story. THere is a YouTube link that has illustrations. And you thought you had it rough at Christmas. HAH!


By R. L. Clayton


Three days on the road with a pregnant woman. God, I’ve about had it. “The seat is too hard, the seat is too soft, my back hurts, my ankles are swollen, my feet hurt, I’m hot, I’m cold, I’m thirsty, I’m hungry, I gotta go potty again. I got the runs from that strange food you bought last…

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I went to the TusCon 46 conference last weekend. Check out the website.  What a blast it is. Eric Schumacher ( and his company were filming a movie there. I got to be in it, but you'll have to look really hard to spot me.  The movie is the sequel to Revenge of Zoe. Fun people running around for that. Hi, Paula. Think you'd make a good Kiki? Costumes galore and really good sessions. In addition to the instruction writing…

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Self Pub #2 

Here's my second installment on self-pub stuff.

Self PUB Chapter 2


Formatting Text

As I use Microsoft Word 10, most of these instructions are geared toward that. Look at published books to get an idea of what to do.

Font and text:

Once you have the edited manuscript, it’s time to get it formatted for the publisher/ printer. There are people who will format for you for a price, and it may be worth it. I like to do things myself.

See what font to use. I use Microsoft Word and make use of the Styles…

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self-pub #1 

I thought I'd start a podcast, but have decided to try out instructional blogs to see how it goes, so here's the first installment. Gimme feedback.


Self PUB Chapter 1

This article assumes you’ve completed your manuscript. If not, WRITE! After self-publishing nine books, I thought I’d offer a series of comments about my experiences that might be helpful to others. I originally was going to do a PODcast, but thought I’d see what the response to blogs was first, so here goes. (This means you should…

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Review, Penelope the Pooting Spider by reader 

Here is a review that Amazon wouldn't post on Penelope, so I decided to do it. Thanks you, Kim.

Creating Peace in our outdoor environment with our cooperation!
The format of the book was incredibly knowledge based. The message was directed at first about the spider, then the child learning that spiders are welcomed into our world. I liked the mixture of the diseases that mosquitoes carry however; the knowledge was much more powerful about learning about the incredible design of Nature & how we as humans…

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It's in my hands 

Risen from the Dead is out! Got my first copy Monday and have ordered a stock for myself. I checked, and Amazon, Kobo and Barnes and Noble are carrying it. I'm also working with Eric Shumacher of 

seeliestudios-com to put together an audio book of Penelope the Pooting Spider. We'll see how it goes.

e-book out 

Risen from the Dead e-book is out. Don't know who has it on line yet. Print book  will be out in a week or so. Whew! Submitting is always an ordeal because I don't do it all the time.Already working on the next one. Maybe Paradise is Dead.

So close 

I'm putting final touches on Risen from the Dead and anticipate it will be available early in August. I will announce it!

I've started on the next Kiki adventure. My plan is to tie this even closer to the Evolution River series. Working on opening and plot now.

OOOH so close on RFTD 

Got some rewrites on Risen from the Dead to do as first run at editing from DeeAnna are are in my hands. Steve and I are close on the cover. Here it is. Comments are welcome. Steve & I are thinking of doing a PODcast. Comments about topics and length are welcome.


First 1/2 of Risen from the Dead is at DeeAnna the editor's. I may actually make a schedule of Aug 1. We'll see.