I'm nearly done with first rewrites of Dead  But Not Gone. Since the season is upon us, go to https://youtu.be/di_EhZHW_MA to  find out the untold part of the Christmas Story.

I'm writing like crazy on Dead Ware, the next Kiki and Nick adventure. First section takes place in Russia, so it involves research. Interesting stuff

DEad but Not Gone is out. To you in Columbus, Ohio, if you're not a hacker, welcome.

After a stumble (my fault), Dead but Not Gone should be out in print version. I do have some copies where the print runs off the page on two pages that I'm wi9lling to give away. Let me know. So far, reviews are good. I'm working away on Dead Ware, the next Kiki and Nick adventure. As with all my previous Dad books, it's relative to a topic of the day. See if you can guess.

GREAT NEWS! Dead But Not Gone should be available. I believe the ebooks is, (not sure as IngramSpark ends up with delays sometimes. I believe that the print version is out, as I've ordered a copy. It's not here yet. The best news is that after what Amazon did to me with Dead & Dead For Real. Steve and I are selling directly from this website. Amazon raised the price of the book to $48.99. I WOULDN'T PAY $48.99 FOR ANY BOOK (though I did when I was in college.) Sadly, my royalty does not go up, and I haven't seen many checks from them, so we going to make everything avail directly.

Dead But Not Gone is written and edited. I'm formatting now and Steve is working on cover ideas. It could be out the first part of March. I am PUMPED! I'll post cover ideas for comment as soon as I have the first shots back.

I finished the first rewrite of Dead But Not Gone and I'm on the second. This book could be out before April. I need to get my mind onto cover design. Steve & I usually to and for a couple of times before deciding. For Dead Prey, I asked for opinions of whether to have an image of Kiki on the cover. The majority ruled and there she is. Steve picked out the art work and he did a great job. Yeah I now think of her as Kiki. IF we get to a decision point I will again seek opinions.

I like where this book went on the rewrites. It changed during the writing several times from a dystopic novel to a path forward. I WANT FEEDBACK! so when the book comes out, be prepared to pepper me with you opinions. There is a lot of room for those in this book as it's a story of what's possible with the dichotomy within the United States today. 

I started working on the next book, and will come up with a title to at least use on the files to keep them straight.  It will change as I write. Again, the story is about something that's a hot issue today. That forces me to research and I generally learn way more than I want while doing that. DBNG forced me to learn about the Constitution.

TUSCON conference is this weekend! Steve is visiting so we're laying out our path through the sessions. People don't understand this is the BEST writer's conference deal ever. So much of it is about writing and characters and plots. And incidentally some are about monsters! They show movies for the whole conference as in 24 hrs as day. 

I've finished first draft of latest Kiki and Nick tale and am going through it now. Just threw out 5 chapters. Stuff that didn't push the story ahead. I'm still not sure that the ending is what I want.

I'm really foundering with Dead But Not Gone. I toned it down, but am not so happy with it. I'm going  to let it sit for a while and germinate. (That's a writer's term.) I may be asking for help so keep reading the blogs.

Steve Linebaugh and I had a great time at the TUSCON Sci-Fi conference. It was his first time and he soon was overwhelmed. The days are as full as you can stand. Yes, some sessions STARTED at 1:00 am. Movies continuously too. It actually is a lot more than Sci-fi. It's a writer's conference in disguise. And the price is $55 for three days. Even with inflation. It is the best conference deal you can get, plus the people are great. SO I'M TELLING YOU TO SET THE DATES ASIDE FOR NEXT YEAR! Last year was cancelled, but the year before, a movie was being filmed there. (Yeah, it was sci-fi) Could happen again. Your chance to be in a movie.

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