I've been writing away on Dead Ware. About 320 pages. I have two plots going that will come together. One ending I have sorta. The other I'm a little torn about. I have created an antagonist I like, but he is an enemy to Kiki. What do I do? I'm letting it roll around in my head for a while to figure it out, so may not have first draft done by end of the month. Will try harder!

I'm having the usual struggle with submissions of DeadWare to Bowker and IngramSpark because it's been about a year since I did it. I short term memory (or is this long term medium memory?) seems to be shot. Please have patience.

Though my manuscript for DeadWare is back from the editor's, after attending the TUSCON Sci-Fi conference, I have more writing to do.  What an amazing conference. I can't thank those people enough for the work they put into it. 

My book, Dead but Not Gone got reviewed in the Arizona Daily Star today. I didn't think they'd review it, but Christine Wald-Hopkins gave a good review. She has read my other Dead series books. I'll send her DeadWare as soon as I have it in my hands. Hope to put it out before Christmas.

DeadWare is at the editors! I might still make a Christmas release. Steve & I are considering a Christmas package deal on the full set of the Dead Series. Just the thing for those who have everything except my books, I'm mulling over what's next, whether it will be another Kiki and Nick story or  something new entirely. Or maybe an additional book for the Evolution River series. I have time to figure this out.

November 11 - 13 is the TUSCON sci fi conference. https://tusconscificon.com/ Take a look. It is a great conference and really affordable. Lots of fun and plenty to learn. GO!

Hello Columbus

The rewriting is proving harder than the writing. I'm awaiting inspiration. Meanwhile, I looking for the topic for the next book. Maybe it's time to give Kiki and Nick a rest.

I finished the first draft of DeadWare  but I'm not satisiied with the ending, so gotta think and rewrite.

My editing co op has shrunk. I need this kind of input in my writing. In my experience (nearly 15 years) it is impossible to edit your own work. Input from others makes a much better product. So if you're a writer or want to be a writer,  and are interested in joining a co op, let me know at rlclayton10@gmail.com For subject use co op so it doesn't go into the delete file. Meanwhile, I continue to move ahead on Dead Ware. Maybe draft done by end of the month. Steve & I are working on some promotions like FREE BOOKS! and tee shirts. Stay tuned.

I am blasting ahead with Dead Ware. Spent some time in Buffalo with my daughter's family and got a lot of pages done. I feel like I'm about 2/3 through. Hope to have first draft in August and final edited version end of Sept or so.

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