I've been writing away on Dead Ware. About 320 pages. I have two plots going that will come together. One ending I have sorta. The other I'm a little torn about. I have created an antagonist I like, but he is an enemy to Kiki. What do I do? I'm letting it roll around in my head for a while to figure it out, so may not have first draft done by end of the month. Will try harder!

It happened again last night (well about 3 this morning.) great new ideas for Dead Space.. Can't wait to get started writing.

I just got back from a cruise to Alaska. It was amazing. Writing while on the Observation deck with gorgeous countryside moving helped me crank out pages on Dead Space. It is coming along.

IT HAPPENED AGAIN! At 3 am, I started running through more scenarios for Dead Space. Got one that will take the story into new areas. Exciting stuff!

I have been really rocking on Dead Space.. Nearly 200 pages down. so far. I've been approached about doing a talk to a readers group and I;m excited about it. Fun stuff.. If you're interested, let me know. RLCLAYTON10 @ gmail,com

Lightning struck! I was in the doldrums on getting started on Dead Space, but I'm on fire now.  For those of you who write, it's the moment when you realize YOU CAN'T WAIT TO WRITE THE NEXT CHAPTER. That's also the time when plotlines wake me up at night (well really about  4:30 in the morning) and that's after running through them when I went to bed.. The main topic is Artificial Intelligence. Ron Carson, David Kennedy and the Fantasmas  are caught up in  the start of a war to rule near Earth orbits. I will tell you no more at this stage, but I'm about 15 chapters into it (my chapters are short, though) I do intend to bring in more of  The Envoy  story to more closely tie it into the Dead Series. If you aren't familiar with the sci-fi trilogy The Evolution River, it is where I first introduced The Prophet. Risen From The Dead  was the back story of his origin.

I had quite a discussion with a reader  about the philosophy in The Evolution River trilogy. Writing that series crystallized my own beliefs. Yes, I truly do believe what's in there. As the stories progressed, the logic behind the Evolution River  became clear.  It stays with me still. Just like humans evolved from Neanderthal we are not the end of evolution. Another thing that comes out in the trilogy is that there is no conflict between evolution and Creation. It is the inability of our tiny brains to see the BIG picture. Evolution is creation, but our minds cannot grasp eons of time. I watched a series on Netflix, Ancient Apocalypse and truly enjoyed the point that we amputate possibilities beyond our comprehension. I urge you to watch it.

As I write Dead Space it keeps changing. The latest changes occurred at 3:30 this morning. So now the story is off in a new direction. And it could prove controversial. But then most of my topics involve controversy with common topics of the day. (Imagine if a business conglomerate actually did hire a hit team to take out hackers. Anybody who's been hacked or hit with ransomware dreams about this, so did I. Wouldn't happen, right?) Anyway, I'm in the writing groove and and Dead Space  rolls around in mydreams.

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