FIRST COPIES OF DEAD PREY  SHOULD BE AT MY HOUSE NEXT WEEK! I haven't seen the availability pop up on Amazon or other sites yet.

WHEW! At Last Dead Prey is out. It should be available within a week or so. Ebooks probably faster. It seems like every publish is a chore. I guess if I did it more often it would be easier. I'm already turning ideas over on another book in the Kiki and Nick saga. Or, I'm also looking at another topic. We'll see where the4 movement takes me.

The submission for Dead Prey is in! I'm awaiting the approval from them. 

WILL THIS EDITING EVER END!!!! After some fairly substantial rewriting, YES I'm getting more editing. It's frustrating not having this book done, BUT I want it to be the best.

Okay!!!! I finished the rewrites as I see needed. Steve & I are working on getting this book out! Stay tuned, I'll let you know when it is available.

AND I THOUGHT I WAS SO CLOSE! My editor has suggested that I slow the action down and add more. Never thought that would happen. I'll be looking over the MS to see what I can do. Sorry for the delay, but I want it to be the best.

I'm moving ahead! First half of Dead Prey  past final edit. Second half under way. Thank you DeeAnna. Sept is definitely looking good for getting it out.

The Dead Series 


In the Dead Series, I look at a heroine who is tough and cold when needed. Dead & Dead for Real is about terror attacks within the United States. It was my fiction. Later I found out it wasn’t mine and it wasn’t fiction. Dead Reckoning is about the new warfare, where land captured or troops killed are not the objective. It’s the destruction of your enemy’s economy that wins wars. In DR, the weapons are biological and cyber attacks against the infrastructure of the U. S. Both are way too real. Enemy troops never have to invade. If that doesn’t scare you, it should. Look what COVID has done to the economy, and it wasn’t intentional, or was it? DR is the untold part in most dystopia stories–how did our society get from what we have now to dystopia. Dead Again is about the battle to recover from economic devastation and rebuilding the nation. Risen from the Dead is about a new prophet on earth (ties into The Envoy) and the evils that President Eisenhower warned us about the Military Industrial Complex. It also is about the United States’ return as a world power when it becomes the global supplier of clean energy instead of weapons.  Dead Prey was fun because I took the dire state of Mexico where lawlessness plays such a great part. At the time I started, the Presidente announced he would not fight the cartels but work with them. Thus was born the theme. Of course, I had to introduce the Air America history from Viet Nam. The corruption from illegal drugs rises to the top echelons of government, and not just in Mexico.  I left the story with no winners, so there has to be more. We will see what happens when the war against drugs takes place on our shores. Maybe there won’t be a war.

My editor DeeAnna suffered a rotator cuff injury so it's going to slow down release of Dead Prey. Meanwhile,  let me know what cover you like the best.

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Here's one image we're considering for  Dead Prey cover

Working with Steve on cover design. 

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