Thank you for your patience in waiting for me to stumble through getting Dead Prey out. AND thank you for buying. I need the encouragement sales represent. I am about 2/3 through first draft of Dead But Not Gone. It continues to morph as I write. Presently I'm awaiting inspiration on how to finish a particularly exciting scene. It'll come about 3 am some morning, soon I hope..

Went to  celebration of Life for one of my UNM gymnastics teammates this past weekend. John Charzuk was an amazing man, bringing so much to so many. Glad I got to travel through part of your life with you. It was great to see see many of my old teammates. AND they supported me by buying books. Thanks, Bros.

My editing group has lost a couple of members and we're looking to fill their seats. We meet weekly for about 2 hours to read and listen and help each other. Interested?

I have been writing away on Dead But Not Gone. Over 200 pages so far. As always, the story has morphed as I write. Went to Pinetop (one of my favorite places to write) and almost got trapped. Three of the four routes back down the mountain were closed or restricted due to wildfires. Finally took a route through Payson. Added 1+ hours to trip as I had to go through Phoenix. Editing group is holding my feet to the fire about writing and editing. I am so thankful to have them. With summer here, members are present and gone on a regular basis. We're back up to 5 members. It's a good group.

I'm about 100 pages into the next Dead Series book, and it's already taken some turns I didn't foresee. Trying to figure out how destructive to make this.

Steve sent me the first draft of the first part of the "My experiences" Book. I really liked what he's put together. It's informative in ways I hadn't anticipated. Thanks Steve. I think we're still on schedule to offer it. At least the part 1 will be out quite soon. For those of you who are or hope to be authors, my experiences could save you time, $s and frustration. The personal parts about what inspired me to write and chose the topics for me crystallized how I got here. And Steve is my rock in getting things done.

I'm almost finished with the drafts of the stories behind the stories. Here's the one for Sea Species:


My first book, Sea Species, was finished in 2004. The idea of genetically engineering a new species of human was the story. The first draft was terrible. As I edited and rewrote, about half of the words were taken out. It improved. I had a friend edit. I met Steve Linebaugh who has become my friend, web master and graphic artist. It was a very fortuitous encounter. He has been a great help. 

In my eagerness to publish, I sent the manuscript out to various publishing houses and agents. Nothing. As the topic was on a timeline and technology was catching up, and because I was impatient, I self published. 

Create Space was Amazon’s self-publishing platform. Anybody could publish their works on it. And it was free. I found it easy to use. I made several mistakes with that book. Foremost was not getting a good editor. Create Space printed what they received. The story was good, the writing not so much. I never had formal instruction in creative writing, and it showed. I received some harsh criticism, well deserved. I used BookBaby to publish and distribute my e-book version. Later, I wrote a second edition where I corrected most of the errors. A third edition followed after I was writing the second volume in the Dead Series, Dead Reckoning.

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